Graphical User Interface

ReMoDy can be compiled in two versions: with and without a graphical user interface (GUI). The former is used to visualize the simulation progress on a small set of data, while the latter is to perform larger-scale simulations where the concurrent visualization is not possible.

After the GUI-enabled version (view) is started, a display window pops up, showing the computational domain. The initial parameters of the scene can be set in the config file (see Sec. Configuration File). The configfile can be reloaded by making the display window active and hitting the 'l' key for 'load'. The keyboard control of the simulation has two modes: keystroke, and commandline. This is similar to vi text editor in UNIX. Initially the keystroke mode is active.

  1. In the keystroke model the single-key-strokes can be used while the display window is active. These include:

  1. The command mode is switched from the keystroke mode by hitting the ':' or '.' keys. To switch back from the command mode one has to enter an empty command, that is, press ENTER, while the command line is empty. In the command mode, the command line appears in the terminal windows from which the program has started. The commands one can enter in the command line include:

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