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Fuel Cells

Fuel cells modeling


Build your fuel cell with a RING GUI

Planar cross-flow fuel cell

Click here for interactive 3D graphics (you'll need a Java plugin to view it).

Read more about RING project here.

Modeling paradigm

Continuum simulations with CV/FEM Hedra solver

[Cross-Flow Geometry. Top view.]

[Cross-Flow Geometry. Side View.]

[Scalar field distribution. FEM solution.]

[Flow field distribution. CV solution.]

Particle dynamics simulations in bifurcating ducts

A problem of clogging of porous electrodes can be important for automotive fuel cell applications. Associated with this is the problem of particualte removal by means of air filters and electrostatic fields. Below are examples of particle transport and deposition in bifurcating ducts, and particle dynamics in external fields.

Figures below show the simulated particle dynamics inside the a duct. Deposition of particles on the walls is considered.

[Side view]

[Inside view]

Green: free particles, brown: deposited on the walls.
Animations: (side view, 6.5MB), (inside view, 20MB).

Particles in external fields

The simulations below were done with the MulPhys MHD module based on particle-in-cell (PIC) method.

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ReMoDy: Molecular Dynamics Code For Electrochemistry And Chemical Kinetics

To solve complex chemical kinetics and electrochemistry a separate solver was developed based on MulPhys approach and implementing a molecular dynamics model. In this case a subset of zero-dimensional elements was used supplied with the appropriate dynamics model and the binary kinetic reactions mechanism. For more information goto: Github and the project homepage: ReMoDy.